Rise of Texas Anti-Incumbency Voter?

Posted: January 28, 2018 in Aging

There is a term Texans may become more familiar with over the next few months. That term is Ant-Incumbency. With the Texas primaries in March and the general elections in November, the successful execution of that term could define the existence of the Republican Party in Texas for the foreseeable future. What is referred to as the Republican Party in Texas is, but a faint memory of what Texas was proud to call the Texas GOP a few decades ago. In the past the party stood proudly for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and representative of the working class.  In the last two legislative sessions, the dominant state legislative party, for this discussion we will call Republicans, have overturned two city elections of the people, one in Denton, which voted not to allow fracking inside the city limits of Denton, and Austin, where they overturned a vote by the people, that said UBER could not operate in the city of Austin. Senator Joan Huffman, Republican, sponsored a bill that would indemnify doctors doing prenatal exams if they withheld from pregnant women that their unborn child might have a potential disability. The intent was to lessen the chance the mother would consider an abortion.  The so-called party of limited government has attempted to interfere with local school board rules and city government ordinances, even to the point of whether a city can restrict the cutting down of certain trees. So, the term anti-incumbency can be a savior to the future of the GOP in March, or it can be a destructive force for them in November. In March, the true Republicans can vote out certain sitting office holders and place new Republicans that understand what the party represents. If they don’t, the general election may use that term to vote them out and replace many of them with Democrats and Independents.

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